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Wide-Area WIFI 5 square-KM. coverage by ubiquiti

ubiquiti Riteex delivers Amphoe Wihan Daeng WIFI project, consisted of 26 APs (phase 1) to provides internet hotspot for inner area community. Hardware:1) M2 model for Edge-AP, located around the inner area of Wihan-Daeng District.2) Rocket models located on high antenna pole (30 meter height)3) HP server to provide hot-spot authentication & tickets Software:1) iBSG

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Juniper Enterprise Switch Network (site reference) + Aruba Acess Point

EX4300 & EX3400 switches Riteex has completed AON group revamping all switches to Juniper switches (core & access switches) in Q1 2019. Project criteria:1) 2-days swapping all 14 switches on 3 floors, in 4 Full-racks2) all switches were tested & staged 10 days prior real implementation3) about 300+ cabling re-organised (patching, re-organizing cables), including fiber

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