Behind the WebOS/LG Development Team. Aren’t they really great ?

LG invited AVForums to Silicon Valley to find out more about their webOS Smart TV system.

We first saw webOS at CES in January and were suitably impressed with the potential speed and intuitive user experience. So, when the invite came to get behind the scenes and speak to the people involved in the design and implementation, we jumped at the chance. I will say this now and get it out there. After having yet another hands-on experience with webOS I can safely say that in my opinion it is the most sophisticated, connected, intuitive and speedy Smart TV system on the market. In contrast to just about every other system out there, including Samsung’s 2013 Reference Status award winning system, the 2014 LG webOS platform is simply brilliant. Within minutes of picking up the magic remote you are confidently whizzing around the screen real estate, jumping seamlessly between various apps, including a 4K stream from Netflix, with a speed that is simply stunning.
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