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The Evolution of Nebula Continues: What’s New in Nebula 8.2 Release?

Nebula has officially completed its major redesign of Nebula Control Center (NCC) in the latest 8.2 release. The stylish new user interface (UI), offering both light and dark modes, are now ready to empower users with a customizable dashboard and easier, more intuitive navigation. In addition to the aesthetic and user-friendly enhancements, Nebula boosts additional support for usability, security, and device compatibility.

Next-Generation UI with Light & Dark Modes

The Beta version of UI2.0, which was released in the previous 8.1 version, gave a brand new look of Nebula with the pristine, ivory backdrop (light mode). Now, the evolutionary revamp has been officially completed.

Besides the existing light mode, the new UI further includes a dark-mode option. It will literally be a sight for sore eyes, providing a more comfortable user experience in environments where overly bright light from a monitor can cause undue strain on the eyes. Users will be able to switch between the bright and dark themes with a single click.

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